How Prufrock Launched an Audio Book

Writing was the fun part. Publishing was nerve-racking. Marketing was and still is a necessary evil. But the work that nearly made me lose my sanity the battle for an audio book. In celebration of my first victory in this arena, I share my spoils of war. Hopefully, more than one fellow-traveler will find it

Prufrock Presents

The Mythopoetic Society accepted Circle of Dragons for publication (stay tuned), and also extended an invitation to speak. Honored. Below is a link to the paper presented at the mid-winter online conference on the topic of MacDonald’s novel -Lilith (1895). MacDonald’s tale of vampirism has within it a story that can, and should, eclipse Bram

Tolkien vs. Lewis - George MacDonald

J.R.R. Tolkien VS. C.S. Lewis

While neither Tolkien nor Lewis ever met George MacDonald, Lewis adored him and Tolkien abhorred him. He grew on me … but no one finished his books that I lent out. In fact, no one seemed to get past chapter one.

Prufrock Poetry Scattered About

Dear Reader, There is a group of young literary nerds that meets twice a month in Dallas. They read Shakespeare to one another voicing all the parts. It is a small thing but it makes me smile. To crave the classics now is to be counter-cultural and fringe. Yet, in this crass digital age, a

Art from In Light of the New Moon

The Nervous Disposition of the Writer

I prefer pencil and paper yet I’m told I must go online and self-promote. Should I then presume? And how should I begin? I am fairly boring as humans go, easily overlooked –middle-aged and greying, shut up at home eating marmalade on toast washed down by cups of tea. I write looking out my eastern

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