A.J. Prufrock

Specializing in literary reboots, updates, and remixes

“It is better to take what does not belong to you than to let it lie around neglected.”
— Mark Twain

Privacy Policy

I’m building an email list to connect to current and potential readers. In this brave new world of publishing, word of mouth is the only effective marketing. I collect emails in order to form community and want to hear from those who enjoy my work and want to see it improve – and grow! I plan to initiate contact any time there is new book release, any time I’ve posted a new blog article, or Prufrock is promoted on another site. For more news than that, follow me on FB – @prufrockauthor.

I will not share or sell your contact information. If Prufrock fandom explodes, I will most likely revert to snail mail and someone else can write a new policy in this exact space filled with legalese.

A.J. Prufrock—middle-aged and greying—lives on thirteen tucked-away acres with one dog, two cats, seven chickens, and a single guinea hen. The guinea hen is single by his own choosing. Prufrock is not.

A composting, re-cycling, pro-life quasi-libertarian, the author writes without hint of cultural misappropriation or inequality toward either gender. Sidestepping both the fear of failure and the allure of vain glory, Prufrock prefers to find literature wasting away on the trash heap of the public domain to polish and reintroduce. It’s the EPA’s tag line—reduce, reuse, recycle—but done with fairy tales.